Introducing Rochelle

Hello, my name is Rochelle Alley. I run a small business helping non-profits and governmental organizations to help support families in the community. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to help others through both my work and personal pursuits. I started volunteering over 20 years ago, teaching women in prison and volunteering at church.

Parenting is hard even in the best of circumstances and children don’t come with an instruction manual. It can be even harder when life is complex; money is short; unstable housing; feelings of isolation; struggling with mental health or addiction.  And at the same time,

I have seen through work and personal connections how foundational it is when families are able to successfully reunify, and how powerfully so many parents are able to successfully step up to reconnect with their children.

I have 2 children, in 6th and 8th grades, who keep me learning and growing as a parent – both of whom like music, sports, math and reading.  One of my children has had special needs, so I am familiar with the process of advocating in the schools and know how helpful it can be to have a fellow parent by your side who understands the journey.

I am looking forward as a mentor to being able to be that person “by your side” for parents who are looking for support as they weather their current journey.