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Introducing Tatiana and Erikka

Tatiana and Erikka have been foster parents since December 2020. The two were initially motivated to foster to ensure that every child in their community would have a safe place to sleep and a family to come home to while in foster care.

Just recently the family provided a forever home for three children that they had in their care for over a year through adoption. Tatiana and Erikka have expressed that they are happy to continue to foster and welcome new children into their family and home.

Throughout their fostering journey, they have cared for children ages 0-17 and have worked closely with birth parents whenever possible to get their children back home safely. The caregivers take pride in the relationship that they are able to maintain with the teens that have left their home as well as the birth parents that they have worked with in the past. Thank you both for all you do for our children and families. LSF is lucky to have you!

Introducing Carolyn and Guy

Scott and Amy have been licensed foster parents since December 2021.In their time fostering they have actively worked with children in their care as well as their birth families. Both caregivers are passionate about advocating for the children in their home and providing them with the love and support they need. They have been such valuable member of the professional team and well deserving of the recognition of Foster Friday.  Lutheran Services is lucky to have such a dedicated family on their team.

Introducing Myra and Mark

Myra and Mark have been caring for our children in care for several years. They have cared for 8 children during their fostering journey and have provided them with stability and love while in their care. They have also worked diligently to keep siblings together and currently have a sibling group of 3 children. They work closely with all parties and understand the importance of family connections. Thank you, Myra, and Mark. We appreciate all you do for our children in care and feel blessed to have you as a part of our Camelot team.

Meet Digna

Digna is a newer licensed foster parent – only 4 short months. But in that timeframe, she has opened her home to several children needing respite, emergency, and short-term placements. She currently has three children in her home and was able to reunify two sisters to be together again in one home as they were previously separated. Since having these little ones, she has gone above and beyond for her children and always makes sure their best interests are first. She works well with biological family members and the professional team. She recently took the children to Disney for the first time, and they had an absolute blast. Trips such as these will be sure to be memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.  Digna is quick to help others without ever asking for help herself. The foster mother has been wonderful to partner alongside with and represents the true mission that is foster care. She is loving, kind, generous, and caring towards everyone she encounters – she shows her love for others and her community on a daily basis. Her favorite part is seeing how the children love on her just as much as she loves on them.

Meet Our Dedicated Foster Parents, Rachel and Samuel

We are thrilled to introduce you to Rachel and Samuel. The family was motivated to foster as they reported feeling bad for the children and families that are involved in the system due to what they have been through. They want to be able to help them and provide them with security, empathy, love and encouragement. They recently worked with a family member to transition a child from their home and they were gracious and patient with them. They provided valuable information regarding the child and offered to assist wherever is needed in the transition. We are so lucky to have such caring families on our team. Thank you both for all you do each day for our children and families.

Meet Our Dedicated Foster Parents, Lindsey and Danielle

We are thrilled to introduce you to two remarkable individuals, Lindsey and Danielle, who have been foster parents with Camelot for over a year and a half. Their journey into foster parenting began with a profound sense of empathy for children placed in foster care and a deep desire to make a positive impact on their lives.

Lindsey and Danielle were inspired by the incredible foster parents they encountered, witnessing the transformative effects they had on the children they cared for. This experience ignited a fire within them to contribute to the well-being of children in need and be a part of the solution.

The most significant change fostering has brought to their family is the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to this cause shine through in their actions and the love they provide to the child in their care.

Lindsey and Danielle have opened their hearts and home to one child, and they have done an exceptional job of not only caring for him but also advocating for his needs. They have made a promise to support him until permanency can be achieved, and their commitment is a testament to their compassion and resilience.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Lindsey and Danielle for their outstanding work as foster parents and advocates for children. Their selfless efforts are making a profound and positive impact on the lives of those under their care. We are truly honored to have them as part of our Camelot family, and we look forward to the continued positive impact they will make on the lives of the children they nurture and support. Thank you, Lindsey and Danielle, for your unwavering dedication and kindness.

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