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Gwednolyn (Wendy)


Hello Ofelia,

I understand you are Gwendolyn’s supervisor. I just wanted to take a second and let you know what a fantastic job she is doing.

I have had a service coordination case opened on one of her kiddos since May so I have had the pleasure to see her working for quite a little bit.

This is clearly a high needs case and she is constantly meeting it with compassion, perseverance, and determination. Juliano is so incredibly lucky to have Gwendolyn in his corner.

From a professionalism standpoint, my caseload spans the whole state of Florida and I do not work with a single case worker who is more responsive or knowledgeable about her case than Gwendolyn is. As someone who worked in her role for a decade, I am so grateful for her as I know how grueling the work it can be. You’ve got a good one!

Just wanted to pass that along as it’s a thankless job and we should share some sunshine whenever we can!

Have a great week 😊

Caitlin Revis

Behavioral Health Services Coordinator

Child Welfare Specialty Plan

Roxanne Benjamin-(Roxy)


Roxanne Benjamin-(Roxy) is a rockstar. She works diligently to push her families through to Level 1 and will go above and beyond to make sure they have what they need in order for placement to be successful. Roxy is a team player and is very much a “go with the flow” person, not letting changes in the processes throw her for a loop. We are lucky to have her on the Kinship Level 1 team!


Tara Williams
Kinship Search Specialist Supervisor

Tanzie Lewis

Kudos to Tanzie Lewis

Good afternoon,

I am contacting you to relay my gratitude and thanks regarding the assistance I received from Tanzie Lewis, Child Welfare Care Manager. As you have probably experienced in this field of work, caring and compassionate staff are hardly recognized for their efforts though their work is critical in the lives of our kiddos. We recently had an issue with a kiddo and guardians attempting to enroll with us in San Antonio and I reached out to Ms. Lewis with the contact information provided by the guardian’s court documents. She answered the call, even though she was not in the office (was in the process of getting ready) and took my information and what we needed. What struck me immediately after our conversation, was that her first concern was for the safety of the child and asking if everything was ok. After I provided my information and request, she expedited sending the documents to us and stated that “I don’t want there to be anything to prevent their enrollment immediately.”  Finding team members who are willing to take ownership of the problem presented and execute solutions with the kiddo in mind first is the place we all want to be when we consider what a high functioning team truly looks like.

Thanks, and best regards,

Tyler Shoesmith

Executive Director

Office of Pupil Personnel Services

Karen Turcotte

Kudos to Karen Turcotte:

Marie Paul and Lew Clark

Kudos to Marie Paul and Lew Clark:
A mother whose case was closing after a successful reunification called to say how grateful she was for the help she received from case management, specifically Marie and Lew.
In the message, she stated “I really appreciate Marie being my caseworker, she was an awesome caseworker. She would get on me when I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do and was good to me when I did what I was supposed to do. She is an awesome, awesome caseworker! She has consideration for the mothers and kids and wants the mothers and the kids to be reunited. She has helped me to be a better mother. Thank you for putting her on my case.”
She also thanked Lew for all of his help and said, “You helped me when no one else would help. I really appreciate that you helped get me into all of my services. Thank you with all my heart for helping me reunite with my daughter.”
Thank you so much Marie and Lew for your dedication to the children and families we serve!

Brittany Ulrich

July 18, 2022

Children’s Network of S.W. Florida 2232 Altamont Avenue

Fort Myers, FL 33901

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to inform your organization of a wonderful experience our family had with your group, and especially one of your employees, Brittany Ulrich. During a difficult time in the family, she was the light at the end of the tunnel in our time of crisis.

Brittany helped to facilitate our relationship back with our daughter, and with her three children (our grandchildren). Her weekly visits were always positive, constructive, and she was a good counselor, too! She is excellent with children, and she talked with them easily and made them feel relaxed. Brittany always had a kind word and gave us encouragement in our path back to a happy family. With her assistance, the family is doing wonderful, the children are feeling secure, and we are forever grateful for the services provided with Children’s Network and Ms. Brittany Ulrich!


C & J

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