Nadereh Salim will be discussing an important initiative that’s close to our hearts – “Dad’s Coaching Dads.” 👨‍👦

This program is all about supporting fathers who are involved with Child Welfare, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to rebuild their families. 🏡

The best part? It’s a dad-to-dad, man-to-man, non-judgmental approach. Because sometimes, all you need is someone who understands the journey. 💪

We’re also opening our doors to volunteers who are willing to make a difference in the lives of these fathers and their children. ❤️

Join us on Lee Pitts Live to learn more about our Fatherhood engagement plan, how you can get involved, and the incredible impact we can make together! 🤝

Let’s help fathers rebuild their families and create stronger, healthier communities.  #DadsCoachingDads #FatherhoodMatters #CommunitySupport #ChildrensNetworkSWFL