Meet Digna

Digna is a newer licensed foster parent – only 4 short months. But in that timeframe, she has opened her home to several children needing respite, emergency, and short-term placements. She currently has three children in her home and was able to reunify two sisters to be together again in one home as they were previously separated. Since having these little ones, she has gone above and beyond for her children and always makes sure their best interests are first. She works well with biological family members and the professional team. She recently took the children to Disney for the first time, and they had an absolute blast. Trips such as these will be sure to be memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.  Digna is quick to help others without ever asking for help herself. The foster mother has been wonderful to partner alongside with and represents the true mission that is foster care. She is loving, kind, generous, and caring towards everyone she encounters – she shows her love for others and her community on a daily basis. Her favorite part is seeing how the children love on her just as much as she loves on them.