How do I file a complaint against my insurance carrier?

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by Irwin J. Kash, MD

If you have not been able to get ahold of your insurance company after filing a claim, seen an unusually long delay of claim payment or received a lowball claim, you may decide to file a complaint with the state against your insurance carrier.

While Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis’ office received more than 12,000 complaints against carriers since January, 4,173 cited Hurricane Ian as the source of damage to residential property. A little under two-thirds –– or 2,525 –– of these complaints cite delay of claim, underpayment or an unresponsive carrier.

Before picking up the phone or opening the web page, make sure to gather the following documents and information:


Sara Alvarez and her husband have been living with plastic and brown paper covering most of their walls since Hurricae Ian. Some of their drywall had to be removed after the roof was damaged, and they haven't been able to make repairs since the roof is still not fixed.