Introducing Cheryl

Cheryl has been a licensed foster parent since 1996. For many of those years Cheryl provided enhanced therapeutic services for children experiencing significant behavioral issues. Cheryl has fostered hundreds of children during her time as a foster parent. In addition, Cheryl adopted three young ladies and has provided a loving and permanent home for them. She always has a house full of teen girls. All her girls are well taken care of and love living with her. She is so dedicated to all the children that are placed in her home and want the best for each and every one of them. Cheryl continues to maintain relationships with many of the children/teens she has fostered that are now adults. She has always been a great asset to the agency in emergency situations. She has demonstrated the ability to manage challenging behaviors through her compassion and patience. We are very fortunate and appreciative to have Cheryl. Thank you, Cheryl, for being a part of our professional team.