🌟 A Heartfelt Thank You! 🌟

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Isabella Rodriguez and her ELA teacher, Brian Santimaw. Isabella’s dedication to her International Baccalaureate project, collecting teddy bears for children in foster care, is truly inspiring. For about a month, she poured her heart and soul into this meaningful initiative, even taking the extra step of creating and distributing flyers throughout Oak Hammock Middle School.

Brian Santimaw, your support and encouragement have been invaluable. By amplifying the cause on social media and generously offering your classroom as a collection area, you’ve played a crucial role in making this endeavor a success.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Isabella and Brian, many children will be greeted with warmth and comfort through these teddy bears. Your compassion and generosity have made a profound difference in the lives of these children, and for that, we are immensely grateful.

Let’s continue spreading kindness and making the world a brighter place, one teddy bear at a time! πŸ§ΈπŸ’– #Gratitude #KindnessMatters #CommunityHeroes