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Introducing Michael and Cathy

Michael and Cathy have been licensed foster parents with Camelot for about 4 years. They have always had their hearts open to taking in children with special needs and babies. They are huge advocates for the younger population as they want to provide them the care they require for all of their medical, dental, and social needs. Most of the babies that they have taken have significant medical issues and the family is always willing to travel for them to such places as Miami or Tampa to get them the specialized treatments they need to help them thrive. This family is truly unique as they have adopted and provided a permanent home for some of the children and young adults they have cared for. They also continue to foster and provide for the needs of foster children whom they love. They are devoted resource parents and when it comes down to it there is nothing they wouldn’t do for the children they care for. We are so grateful to have Michael and Cathy as a part of our team.

Introducing Di Rienzo Family

Michelle and Leonardo have stepped up to become foster parents even with their have hands full with 4 children of their own. They have been licensed for a short few months, but have quickly jumped in to their roles as foster parents. They have cared for a child with extensive health needs on a temporary basis and in that short period the child’s health improved greatly. Additionally, they are caring for a child long term and have worked with the biological family right out of the gate. They have helped the child catch up in school and learn English. Their commitment to help children in care is dually noted! We are so happy to have them as foster parents and are excited to see the impact they will have on future children in their home. Thank you, Michelle and Leonardo, for all you do!

Introducing Gonzalez Family

The Gonzalez family exemplifies the meaning of being a foster parent. While balancing their own business and children they continue to keep their hearts and home wide open for children in need. They have been licensed for almost a decade and have been able to provide love and support to over 30 Children in need of love and stability. We look forward to working with this family for more years to come.

Introducing Sarah and Justin

Jaymie and Shianne have been licensed foster parents since June 2021. Since receiving their license the Jones have welcomed several children into their home and are huge advocates for keeping siblings together. They are currently caring for a sibling group in addition to a newborn. Jaymie and Shianne have been awesome to work with and have been provided long and short-term care for many of our children in need of a safe and nurturing home while their families work on being reunified with them. We are so blessed to have them as a part of the Circuit 20 family. Thank you and we appreciate you!

Introducing Sydney and Andrew

Sydney and Andrew are outstanding foster parents who have always gone over and above for the children in their home. They are active members of the professional team and participate in supervising visits, accommodating religious practices of the children in their home, and attending court hearings. They work well with biological families and have made a huge effort to keep siblings united in their home. Not only have they been an amazing asset to the team, but their family has also stepped up and created welcome bags for children entering care. Sydney and Andrew are also always recruiting others who are interested in fostering! We are so happy to have you on our team. Thank you for the dedication to helping children in your community!

Introducing Dealise

Dealise has been a huge asset to her licensing agency. From the day of her initial licensure, she has shown a desire for helping our teen girls and advocating for their needs. Dealise is positive, enthusiastic, and compassionate. She assists with respite care and is extremely flexible. The agency is privileged to have her as a member of the professional team. Thank you, Dealise, for your continued commitment for the children in your community and for making a difference in their lives!

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