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Children's Network of Southwest Florida
Children's Network of Southwest Florida
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Introducing Scott and Amy

Scott and Amy have been licensed foster parents since December 2021.In their time fostering they have actively worked with children in their care as well as their birth families. Both caregivers are passionate about advocating for the children in their home and providing them with the love and support they need. They have been such valuable member of the professional team and well deserving of the recognition of Foster Friday.  Lutheran Services is lucky to have such a dedicated family on their team.

Introducing Michael and Jenipher

Michael and Jenipher have been licensed foster parents for over 4 years. They have fostered 10 children including a teenager, several sibling groups, and have provided a sibling group with a forever family.  They have assisted with supervising family visits and transporting children to visits.  They have been involved in the reunification process for several of the siblings groups placed in their home.  They provide a loving and supportive environment for the children placed in their care and advocate for them to ensure they receive the services needed to help them to thrive.  Thank You Michael and Jenipher for all you do for our foster children and their families.

Introducing Elizabeth and Crystal Detwiler

Liz and Crystal have been licensed foster parents since 2016. During that time, they have cared for scores of children. The family has a praise-worthy passion for nurturing children, especially those with special needs. In fact, Liz and Crystal will often offer mentoring support to other foster families caring for children with unique abilities. They exude patience and devotion in all they do for their biological, adoptive, and foster children alike. The amazing care we have witnessed, makes us extremely proud to partner with this phenomenal family. Thank you Liz and Crystal!

Introducing Chelsea and Mathieu

Chelsea and Mathieu have been fostering parents for one year. In just a short amount of time Chelsea and Mathieu have advocated for the child in their home. The child is now enrolled in daycare and received the surgery to improve his hearing. Chelsea and Mathieu incorporate the child culture in their home by providing audio books in English and Spanish. Also, they play Spanish music for the baby to enjoy. Chelsea and Mathieu have a good communication and bond with the childbirth parents. Chelsea and Mathieu are always willing to help and advocate for children in need.

Introducing Jessica and Tiffany

Jessica and Tiffany are new foster parents who have already made a huge impact for foster children. They have been complimented by DCF for “exceptional work with their current foster children”. They are open minded and very flexible- a well respected trait among foster families. Tiffany and Jessica are maintaining 2 sibling groups in their home and has made space for additional children. They understand the importance of maintaining familial connections and being a member of the professional team. Thank you, Tiffany and Jessica, for going over and above as foster parents and for providing a home that is both loving and nurturing!

Introducing Jason and Holly

Jason and Holly have been licensed foster parents since September 2021. The family felt they were called to foster and help children in need as well as their birth families. Since they have been licensed, they have helped with several placements and respites. They recently took in a child that has additional needs; they have been very hands on with the child and going above and beyond to meet each of those needs. Jason and Holly always have children’s best interests in mind. They have been open to mentoring relationships with biological families, helping with transportation, and just representing what it truly means to foster children in need. Since the child they have in their home has been placed with them, the child has thrived, behaviors have lessened, and social development has improved. The family does not hesitate to reach out and seek resources that children need to make sure all their needs are met timely. It has been wonderful collaborating with them these last several months. We are excited to see how much more they will accomplish with their loving, gracious attitude and servant’s hearts.

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