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2501, 2023

Drug Abuse Prevention Starts with Parents | Pediatric Patient Education – American Academy of Pediatrics

Prevention starts with parents As a parent, you have a major impact on your child's decision not to use tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Prevention starts when you start talking with, and listening to, your child. Help your child make good choices and good friends. Teach your child different ways [READ MORE]

1212, 2022

Is it COVID, the flu, RSV or a common cold?

Let's look at the viruses that cause four common childhood illnesses—COVID, flu, the common cold and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). All of them share some similar symptoms. This can make it hard to tell them apart. Here are some clues that help your pediatrician figure out what kind of respiratory illness is making [READ MORE]

711, 2022

Reading to your child should begin prior to delivery. Do daily after delivery for years to come.

The following article is very comprehensive and should be read by all who have children in the home: 5 Ways to Help Your Kids Have a Healthy School Year We've seen a decline in vaccination rates nationally and are concerned about potential outbreaks of life-threatening diseases. A recent case [READ MORE]

2803, 2022

Dr. Kash’s Korner — How to Talk With Your Child About the War in Ukraine

How to Talk With Your Child About the War in Ukraine by Irwin J. Kash, MD The war in Ukraine is distressing to all of us. Children and teens are wondering what has happened and what may happen next. Like adults, they are better able to [READ MORE]

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